Work benches

With metal structure in “C” or “U” shape, fully modular and sectional. With easy access, tool-free services gallery.

  • Centre bench: With aerial ledge and adjustable shelves, electric gallery.
  • Wall bench: wall-mounted, includes adjustable ledge and shelves, electric gallery.
  • Bench on two heights: Wall-mounted and fitted with all necessary services. Two heights which are ideal for microscope area, office, etc.
  • Washing table: In special dimensions, for integrating the washbasins into each wall-mounted or centre benches. Self-supporting structure, the lower cabinets may be in HPL for increased resistance. Anti-splash panels at the rear and/or side parts.

Modular furniture

Lower units with single or double doors and/or drawers. The units under the work benches may be sliding, fixed with skirting, and units fitted with wheels. 270º opening hinges. Guides and bearings on drawers are fully removable. Opening handle. Furniture made using different qualities: standard board, high-density DM, 19mm-thick melamine, and board in synthetic resins (HPL).

  • Base cabinets with door, 270º opening hinges.
  • Base cabinets with two doors.
  • Base cabinet with one door and drawer.
  • Base cabinet with 3 or 4 drawers.

Ledges and technical systems

Ledges and technical systems, metal supports with shelves at the upper part with trays which can be adjusted in height and depth, with cabinets and display cases, with or without storage doors. Solid or glass doors. They accept electrical or service ducting systems.

  • Mural, table top and wall-mounted. With two shelves.
  • Frontal, facing each other at centre table or as working station.

Cabinets and display cases

Cabinets in different heights, and display cases with sliding or folding glass doors:

  • Cabinets with doors, in glass or board
  • Mural display cases, suspended or wall-mounted


Different accessories for facilitating laboratory work

  • Water taps: of different types. With high spout, low spout, mixer. As per requirements.
Water taps
  • Taps, technique for fluids and liquids: Special taps for different uses, manufactured using anti-corrosion coatings. Handles in different colours manufactured using polyamide, as per DIN 12920 standard, for identifying flowing fluid. For use on ledge or service trays, or on work surface.


Basins for waste, manufactured using different materials, with different shapes and sizes. May vary depending on their location and their purpose.

Work surfaces

In different materials, qualities, as per requirements.

  • Synthetic resins, or compact stratified (HPL) of laboratory quality. The upper part has a special protection and resistance to different chemical reagents.
  • Epoxy resins, Corian-type, or similar, resistant to chemicals. Free from pores. They may be joined together with no joints or cracks.
  • Polished marble, work surfaces in polished marble, exceedingly hard.
  • Stainless steel, AISI 304 quality, with or without protective skirting, with very long useful life. Thicknesses of 30/40mm.
  • Post-formed stratified, work surface in stratified board and pressure laminated, 30mm thickness, post-formed at the front, with ABS or PVC edges.


In different materials, sizes and finishes.

  • Stainless steel washbasin: AISI 304 quality. Superimposed or integrated into the work surface using the same material. With or without perimeter flange for avoiding spills. Different sizes and depths, possibility of 1 or 2 sinks.
  • Washbasin in epoxy resins, Corian-type, or similar, resistant to chemicals. Free from pores. They may be joined to the work surface with no joints or cracks.

Washbasin in epoxy resins
  • Polypropylene washbasin, injected and welded to mechanised plates in the same material.

Facilities and services

Work benches have an accessible area for installations and channelling the different services (water, gas, air, light, connection bases):

  • Channelling, in different materials, and adapted to each work station (polypropylene, PVC, aluminium, etc.)
  • Electric services. For supplying the different work stations, may be:
    • Electric installation in channelling conduit, built in PVC or aluminium and secured to existing ledges on the work benches. Houses the connection bases, thermal protections, computer connections (voice and data).
    • Electrical turret. Placed on the work surfaces, the channelling runs below the work surface until to location of the socket. They can be for mural and centre benches. Models with 2 and 4 connections bases.

Special furniture for teaching and other specialities

Of similar characteristics to the previous ones. However, there are constructive details and finishes which have been specifically adapted for teaching. Such as reinforced structures or of special dimensions and heights, furniture adapted to other measurements, work surfaces, connections and installations for fluids, water and electricity, adapted to the constructive project, number of places per bench, etc.

For this there is a special made-to-measure manufacturing, in accordance with the centre’s requirements, and in accordance to the project management requirements.