Hospital pharmacy

Shelves for picking and storage. Comprised of modular shelves, with large drawers, horizontal, sloped or mixed, for use for “picking”and preparation and/or storing pharmaceutical products.

Storage cabinets. Storage cabinets fitted with guides and 60x40cm baskets. With or without door, with shutter. Maximum capacity.

Metal storage racks. Enables to house 60×40 baskets, and optimise space using height-adjustable guides. Versatile. Praxis model.

Metal cabinets for pharmacy

  • Cabinets in metallised sheet, for different uses.
  • Cabinets with doors and security access for drugs and narcotics.
  • Fire-proof cabinets for flammable liquids and products.
  • Security cabinets for documentation.
  • Security cabinets for IT.
  • Metal drawers, of one, two or three rows. Different widths and depths:
    • Fully removable, two dimensions
    • Customisable fronts
    • Signage
    • Separators
    • Grid bases
    • Transparent bases
    • Transparent sides
    • Centralised lock

Furniture for pharmacies and opticians

Tailor-made projects for organisational equipping of pharmacies and opticians:

  • Drawers
  • Display cases
  • Gondolas
  • Customer services furniture
More information about drawers

Transport system and carts

All types of transport systems. For transporting pallets (pallet jacks, electric carts), by means of supply carts for store rooms, linen carts. General transport carts. Single-dose carts.

  • General transport carts
  • Supply carts for transporting 60x40cm baskets

  • Linen carts

  • Single-dose carts and medication carts

Management software

RFID control (radiofrequency). Real-time stock control system in via radiofrequency. Allows users to control one or more store rooms, smart cabinets, cart control.

Medium load and volume shelf. Modular shelves, of different dimensions for storing medium loads. Easy height-adjustment.

Shelves for pallets. For large volume loads or large capacity. Modular.