Furniture for common areas

  • Beam seating for waiting rooms.
  • General furniture various areas: Tables and chairs, in solid beech and other materials.
  • Furniture for canteens. Tables and chairs of different types.
  • Administrative furniture: Furniture for administrative activities. Work desks in different configurations, cupboards, filing cabinets. Metal cupboards with shutters or doors. Bucks and drawers. Rolling files.
  • Chairs for management, average, basic and general chairs. Beech wood chairs.
  • Furniture for rooms in social-healthcare centres. Tables and armchairs in solid beech wood and other materials.

Reception counters

Fixed counters, with or without lighting, open or closed, built using different materials, wood, glass, resins, etc. Made-to-measure.

Nursing controls on social-healthcare floors. Observation controls, medication preparation, emergency.

Room furniture

Made-to-measure furniture, patient wardrobes, linen cupboards, bedside tables, companion armchairs, patient armchairs, different types of beds, hydraulic, electric, lift-up, on different planes.

Transport and medical carts

 Carts for medical use (anaesthesia, emergency, computerised, examination). Transport systems using supply carts for storage rooms, carts for medication, single-dose carts, linen carts. General transport carts.

 Medical and emergency carts

 Linen carts

Medical and emergency carts

 Single-dose carts and medication carts

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Supply carts for transporting 60x40cm baskets

Supply carts for transporting 60x40cm baskets

General transport carts