EYMASA has been recently in charge of the furniture part of this recently opened great prison complex located in Tarragona (Spain). For this particular project, we have installed both the hospital and diagnostic and the labs and pharmacy equipment.

Clinical and diagnostic furniture

It has been an exciting challenge for us to equip this new prison hospital in Catalonia with our furniture:

  • Sanitation facilities of the 11 internment modules. We have used furniture with our brand EYMASA’s special finishes, specifically, the EMINENT model.
  • We have equipped the Nursing center (with capacity for 50 beds).
  • We have furnished the medical consultation room of different specialties, along with the emergency area, areas of hospitalization, nursing controls, storage facilities and staff rooms.
  • We have developed specific and tailor-made furniture, worktops, sinks, shelves, and hospital logistics systems.

Furniture for labs and pharmacy area

EYMASA has also been in charge of specific furniture for the hospital pharmacy area and clinical laboratory area:

  • We have installed furniture with special and specific finishes for pharmacy, specialty storage area, work area, and preparation.
  • We have mounted cabinets, logistics furniture and storage furniture, again with our own brand EYMASA, specifically with our EYLAB and EMINENT models.
  • Laboratory equipment, with specific furniture, and tailor-made for this area, with work benches with high and low cabinets, desks, work tops, sinks.

Images of the assembly and of the finished project

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