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Our history

EYMASA was founded in 1986 in Barcelona, with the aim of designing and manufacturing electromedical equipment (audiometers, middle ear analysers, soundproofed audiometric booths, diagnostic units) and other devices for ENT specialists (otorhinolaryngology) and occupational medicine, which we currently market in more than 40 countries. We design and manufacture our own equipment, with several EC certifications, Class I and Class IIa.

In 1996, the company decided to begin manufacturing furniture and hospital and laboratory logistics, all exclusively designed and tailor-made, basically for medical and healthcare use, for the purpose of helping and collaborating with the professional and the customer in the design and tailor-made equipment of the necessary spaces by designing and manufacturing the essential furniture.

Our furniture speciality

With facilities in Barcelona and a specialised work force, EYMASA is currently mainly dedicated to installing medical equipment and apparatus, such as installing furniture for hospitals, medical centres, and communities with a significant corporate image, hospital laboratory and pharmacy, as well as for catering and all types of carpentry construction, with special focus on social, medical and public and private hospital sectors.

Types of furnishing projects

EYMASA’s main lines of activity include manufacturing and supplying different types of furniture elements for furnishing public and private buildings, hospitals, medical and healthcare centres, private consultation facilities and social facilities. We have a technical department, as well as departments dealing with projects, design, manufacturing and assembly.

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eymasa news

712, 2016

Inaugurated the new Emergencies and MOS of a hospital in Tarragona

7 December 2016|Categories: Noticias, Projects|Comments Off on Inaugurated the new Emergencies and MOS of a hospital in Tarragona

At the end of September, the new Emergency and Major Outpatient Surgery (MOS) services were inaugurated at Joan XXIII Hospital in Tarragona. EYMASA has been the company that has carried out this new project of hospital furniture. […]

2607, 2016

Important adjudication to EYMASA

26 July 2016|Categories: Projects|Comments Off on Important adjudication to EYMASA

EYMASA, manufacturer of furniture and sanitary products for the hospital sector, has been awarded the tender “Acord Marc SCS-2015-181” for the supply of furniture for consultations and hospitals, that dependent on the Government of Catalonia, managed by the Catalan Health Service and other agencies. […]

1407, 2016

EYMASA will equip hospitals in Oran (Algeria)

14 July 2016|Categories: Projects|Comments Off on EYMASA will equip hospitals in Oran (Algeria)

The sanitary furniture and the laboratory furniture of three new hospitals in the region of Oran, in Algeria, will be equipped by EYMASA, a company located in Montmeló (Barcelona). […]

704, 2016

We present the first metal audiometric cabin manufactured in Spain

7 April 2016|Categories: News|Comments Off on We present the first metal audiometric cabin manufactured in Spain

In EYMASA we are pleased to announce our next big addition: the first metal audiometric cabin for use in medical centers made entirely in Spain. […]